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our dobes

We do not condone or support the breeding of the white Doberman as it is a Genetic mutationThe Doberman is first a companion dog wanting to be with you all the time the best of pets, secondary is what you decide to do with your Doberman.You see they need a job to do if you don't give them one they will find their own. The difference is you give him the job of walking with you 2 - 3 times a day or he may pick the job of taking out your carpet. They do need exercise everyday, I'm not saying you have to jog or run 6 miles a day but at least walk the dog briskly 2 - 3 times a day. Teach your Doberman to fetch and play ball with him it is great excercise for the dog.

When we decide to breed a dog we start by doing all the health testing to try a make sure every puppy is as healthy as it can be and try to make sure it will remain in that good health for the life of the dog. We OFA certify the hips, elbows, thyroid,and the heart. We cerf the eyes to make sure there is no sign of eye disease. We test for vWd by DNA. All this before we do any breeding. Then we look at the bitch and see her faults, you can not be kennel blind to do this so it is ususally better if you have a couple people fault the dog for you. Now you can start looking for a stud that is good in the areas your bitch is faulted in and if he is proven you see if he is producing good in that area. Then you can breed your bitch.

We like to get pictures back to see how your pup is growing.We are always available to you if you have any questions or concerns about your dog.We feel responsible for every puppy we produce for the life of the puppy after all that pup did not ask to be born we made that decision. We strongly feel that dogs are not a disposable item they are a part of your family and that when you decide to get a dog it is a lifetime commitment for the life of the dog.That said things sometimes happen beyond our control so if this should happen we take back any puppy we have produced.

Thank you for your interest in us and our wonderful puppies.If you are interested in a Doberman from us please contact us.